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Hardcover Options

Smyth sewn
Revolutionary PUR adhesive
Standard EVA adhesive
Side sewn and saddle sewn
Saddle stitching
Adhesive bound
Wire-O (twin loop) bound

Paperback Options

Smyth sewn
Perfect bound
Standard EVA perfect binding
Revolutionary PUR perfect binding
Vinyl covers
Flexible covers
Wire-O bound
Pasted vinyl
Lay-flat adhesive

Specialty Book Binding

photo albums
guest books
flexible covers
custom projects

Specialty Products

portfolio covers
menu covers
media kits
sales kits

Support Services

Turned edge casemaking
Die Cutting
Foil stamping
Plastic film laminating
’ΔΆ sheet-to-sheet
’ΔΆ sheet-to-board
’ΔΆ board-to-board
Round cornering
Hand gluing
3-knife trimming
3-hole drilling


Richard Avedon Smyth Sewn Book

close-up of side sewing

Side Sewing

A "side sewn" book is one where the thread is passed through the thickness of the book on the edge nearest the spine side, or if you will, next to the left edge as one faces a closed book properly oriented for reading. The advantage of side sewing is the strength it offers. Many encyclopedias and text books as well as catalogs are side sewn. Midwest Editions can side sew and leave an exposed edge as in the example shown, or "case-in" the book with a hard cover, thus hiding the sewing. Side sewn books also offer economy. One down-side to a side sewn binding is opened books never lie totally flat.


side sewn catalog